About us

Why Knot Fibers is a small hand-dyed yarn company out of Traverse City in northern Michigan and a collaboration between Kat Eldred and Claire Cabrera.

Kat Eldred

Kat frequently says “Sure! Why not?” and in this spirit created Why Knot Fibers - knitting and dyeing yarns in her kitchen as a fun diversion between kids’ naps. Meanwhile Claire moved into an old Victorian house with a well-used canning set up in the basement. The two met at a local knitting circle, and serendipity stepped in - during a tour of Claire’s new house, Kat pointed out that the basement, with its deep laundry sinks and random extra stove-top, looked like the perfect dye studio.

Claire Cabrera
Three years and many late-night dye sessions later, Kat and Claire still work together to create beautiful yarns that reflect their passion for fiber and color in the spirit of friendship and the joy of creating.