Spunky - Madder Root

Spunky - Madder Root

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Madder is an heirloom dye plant that has been loved throughout history for the orange and red hues it produces. The root is the part of the plant used to create a dye bath by; soaking, simmering, and straining before adding the fiber. This is a 100% super-wash Merino sport weight yarn with 274 yards per skein. This yarn has a unique construction, cabled 4 double-plies, creating an 8-ply yarn that is strong, springy, with excellent stitch definition.  If you love cables, this yarn will make them absolutely pop!

Yarn Stats
271 yards
Sport weight
100% Superwash Merino

Pattern Suggestions
Fiddlehead Mittens
Rainbow Unicorn Headband (With Skulls)

*Natural and Botanical dyeing is a labor of love for us; the colors are dependent on many characteristics of the soil, season, and timing. We are unable to dye at a production level with the natural dyes and instead will make available the bounty of each season as we create it.