Seduction - Willow over-dyed with Indigo

Seduction - Willow over-dyed with Indigo

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Dyed first with Willow harvested from Birch Point Farms in Leelanau County then over dyed with indigo giving this yarn a blue with lots of depth. This is pure indulgence! A cowl out of Seduction feels like wearing a cloud; warm and light, you will not want to take it off. This is a DK weight blend of Alpaca/Linen/Silk (50%/25%/25%) in a generous 273 yards. Finished projects from this base are warm without being too warm, giving the perfect temperature balance.

Yarn Stats
438 yards
Fingering weight
Alpaca/Linen/Silk (50%/25%/25%)

Pattern Suggestions
Age of Brass and Steam

*Natural and Botanical dyeing is a labor of love for us; the colors are dependent on many characteristics of the soil, season, and timing. We are unable to dye at a production level with the natural dyes and instead will make available the bounty of each season as we create it.