Leelanau Sweater Kit (unSalted)

Leelanau Sweater Kit (unSalted)

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We are so pleased to team up with Melynda Bernardi of French Press Knits to offer a kit for her new Leelanau sweater! This kit uses our unSalted yarn (a Lake Michigan Yarn - 50/50 Coopworth and Alpaca).  It is a very special yarn for knitting up your Leelanau Sweater. 

This kit includes

  • Printed pattern with Ravelry code
  • Main Color yarn in color selected (skein # depending on size)
  • Undyed accent yarn (in amount needed based on size)

This is a pre-order and will be dyed just for you.

Sizes/Price/Skeins for MC
3 m - 5 yrs   $82 (2 skeins)
5 - 12           $125 (3 skeins)
XS/S            $165 (4 skeins)
M/L/XL        $205 (5 skeins)
2XL/3XL       $245 (6 skeins)
4XL              $265 (7 skeins)

*pattern photo courtesy of Eli Lindauer, photographer, and Melynda Bernardi, designer


Colors Available in: