Sole - Naturally Dyed
  • Dyer's Coreopsis - Buttery orange/yellow

    Sole - Naturally Dyed

Sole - Naturally Dyed

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Sole is a 100% super-wash merino fingering-weight yarn with 400 yards, perfect for a pair of socks. This yarn is also lovely for more structured shawls, baby items and cowls. It is heaven on the feet and makes a beautiful ribbing that holds up due to extra twist in each ply! 

Dyed with Dyer's Coreopsis that we grew right here in Leelanau County! 

Dyer's Coreopsis - a flower that was grown and harvested in our own dyer's garden at Birch Point Farms in Leelanau County. In a light buttery version and an Amber orange.

Walnut - Dyed with a liquor made from locally harvested walnuts.

Indigo - Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing. We use a limited amount of locally grown indigo as well as commercially purchased indigo powder when creating our indigo vats. 

Cochineal - a beetle that lives on the prickly pear cactus, which gives colors ranging from soft pink to red. 

Yarn Stats
400 yards
Fingering weight
100% Superwash Merino

Pattern Suggestions
Vanilla Latte Socks

*Natural and Botanical dyeing is a labor of love for us; the colors are dependent on many characteristics of the soil, season, and timing. We are unable to dye at a production level with the natural dyes and instead will make available the bounty of each season as we create it.