Sunshine....and the same time

I feel like there might be a metaphor in that title.  Lately, things have been so busy that I'm not sure which end is up.  I had my gallbladder out 3 weeks ago and feel like I had lost a month of my life between prepping, surgery, and recovery.  Things with Why Knot Fibers are really starting to heat up and head in new directions, seemingly at the same time...more on that later.

I also spent a lovely weekend at Hoxyville Music Festival and met some amazing makers and crafters...not to mention got to enjoy so much fantastic music!  What a lineup!  I've since come home and recouperated from camping (and vending) in 90-degree weather (and still sold wool!  We must be doing something right....).

For now, I'm headed to the dye studio very, very soon and will show what I'm playing with in pictures in a couple of weeks!

What sunshine and rain are you feeling?  We love to hear about all that you're making and shaking in your fiber world...

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