Spring. No, Summer! No, Spring. No, Winter??

Well, here in the mitten state, it's late spring.  This is otherwise known as bipolar mother nature.  We have had 25-degree temperatures and nearly 90-degree temperatures in the last 2-3 weeks.  Nothing like breaking out the long johns, mittens, and sandals ....within about 24 to 48 hours. 

It has also been incredibly insanely busy in our little lives.  I’ve been farming (Yay CSA!), spinning, knitting, landscaping, “real job”-ing, making music, Steve has been working, kiddos in school and soccer and swim lessons…

This makes me long for slow lazy summer days (I’ve heard of these – I swear!) and watermelon and lemonade.  Beach days – you know, those ones where you pack up the whole family and the cooler and don’t come home for 5-9 hours and, after returning home, everyone falls over and sleeps so soundly you wonder how you ever got on without those days?  Yeah.  Those ones.  I feel the tug of schedule burning and the delight in a few hours weeding our veggie patch. 

I’m also feeling the call of the colors all around us.  There’s so much GREEN  - so many shades of GREEN!  I want to make many shaded greens and then rainbows and swaths of color as I see it along the road; lilacs bursting open, the edge of the blue purple of iris buds, the last tulips, and the apple and cherry blossoms.  What fun!  What excitement!  Now, I just need a few minutes in the dye studio!   Things are looking promising for this weekend on that front, and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as soon as the new color(s?) are ready to be named!   Hopefully summery colors - no more of this winter stuff!

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