Spiced Cider First Reminder

Time is almost up to order this limited colorway!

There's only a week left!

One week from today, we will stop taking orders for our limited-run color: Spiced Cider. That gives you 7 days to order yours. We've knit up a sample cowl so you can see Spiced Cider in all its glory and how it pairs with each of the colors we've selected! We love this color so much - and we're sure you will too!

Savor $25
Sole $25
Spunky $28
Siren DK $32
Steady $25
Savor Pairing $50
Sole Pairing $50
Spunky Pairing $56
Siren DK Pairing $64
Steady Pairing $50
We look forward to making this sweet fiber treat just for you this winter!
If you'd rather pair with something else, all of our regular colorways will continue to be available on our website here.

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