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The world is coming together around us it seems.  I had the pleasure of visiting with a fantastic couple here in Michigan.  They have a retreat space downstate. 

Our mission was to see if this was a good fit between us for a beginning drop spindling workshop and retreat next year.   Short answer:  Ohhhh, YES.

Long answer:  I'm in love with this space and feel enriched from just the short visit we had there with Priscilla and Ken.  I toured the grounds around their house, including 2 "rustic" cabins (some of the most beautiful off-grid cabins I've ever seen! This sure isn't girl scout camp!), a retro camper that they've renovated to a fantastic and inviting space, and a lovely guest house with all the trimmings (full bathroom and electricity and such).  

Here is a place were we can teach our craft, where we can coax the creativity out of folks that are sure they cannot...until they do.  YOUR inner spark can be lit here.  

We came away with a plan and a date.  Mark your calendars for June 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2016 for Why Knot Fibers' first beginning drop spindling retreat!  Registration will open in January with limited spaces available.  

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