Self Care. It's a thing we do.

We've reached that time when leaves are unfurling and the light is (finally) returning.  We are weary and ready to take some time to rejuvenate ourselves as well.  The end of April/beginning of May marks a brief "break" for us here at Why Knot Fibers.  Two of our biggest shows of the year are done (and just happen to be back-to-back).  Now we are taking time; time to rest, time to recuperate, time to be parents and spouses, and time to be alone, to center our hearts and recharge our souls.  This is a most precious and important thing that we can do for ourselves, finding the balance between frantic flairs of creation and and rest. 

Soon, we will be bustling with show prep and dye prep, and the natural dyes that we love so much will be available with the summer days beating down.  But this hushed moment before everything bursts forth is such a joy in it's quiet anticipation.  We have been making plans for the coming year even during this rest period. 

We recently sat down to look at the past months and the next few months at our "monthly meeting."  This month, we were able to not just meet, but relax at a local cafe and go over what we have planned for the next quarter, and what steps we need to take to get from point A to point Z (and all the points in between...point Q is really tripping us up), and how to break those down into manageable bits so we're not completely overwhelmed when we dive in.

Now that those are hashed out (phew!)  it is the time for sipping tea and gorging ourselves on sunshine and fresh spring air.  Now is the time for starting seeds and making plans (Christina already has our next crop of Coreopsis seedlings planted!). Now is the time to nurture ourselves as we nurture our gardens and families and communities. 

Thank you for supporting us and for being part of our maker community.  We could not do it without you.

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