On the road again...

Here we are again packing up the trailer in (at least) 85-degree heat and what feels like 90% humidity.  Why do we do this?  Because we love this.  We love yarn.  We love seeing other “yarnies.”  We love meeting all of you face-to-face.  Really, we just LOVE our job.

Photo Courtesy of Sandhill Crane Vineyards 

This time, we get to wake up with their lovely coffee and breakfast pastries, nibble on lunch vittles from their café, and luxuriously taste wine and cheeseboards for the afternoon – all surrounded by yarn, roving, wool, and fiber supplies and tools of all kinds!  Because, really, what could be better than coffee, yarn, wine, AND food in one place?  Pretty much nothing in my book.  

Don’t miss your chance to take in the view, stroll the vineyard, learn something new…and pick up some yarns in colors that you won’t find in any store (you know, the colors we save just for you!).

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