Not just a revolving door...

It feels good to be writing from home today.  I (Kat) have been traveling a lot both for WKF events and also for family needs (new baby niece!!! yippy!!).  Right now, the scent of freshly ground coffee through my home makes me smile so much (locally roasted even!) and appreciate this sanctuary we've created for ourselves in Traverse City.   

We've been busy this year, which is fantastic.  We've never had a year like this one, which is also fantastic.  So far, 2019 has taught us more about what we are capable of (so much!) and also that maybe we don't have to do allll of the things we are capable of.  We've traveled over the midwest and down to Tennessee, and we love it.  There are times when it can feel like a revolving door here at home, but the deep love that is our Fibershed community has shown us reminds us time and again why we pack our bags for the next show. 

This weekend's adventure is the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo, and we have some beautiful new colors to share with you!  Be sure to come and say hello to Jill of B-Ewe-tiful Design and Barb of Quilling Maven.  They're the official booth babes for this weekend, and we are lucky to have them!  (don't worry! - Christina is still our official tie breaker. She just wasn't able to make it for this particular show).

I'm resting up now so I can bring you my best Saturday and Sunday. I look forward to getting the chance connect with our community in person again this weekend. 

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