Life and the"Sweater-Thingy"

Back looking out my window...back writing a bulky weight pattern - and possibly a worsted/aran pattern...back to the moving and shaking of living outside of our small house.  I've been "out the way" for the past week due to some health things - but I'm nearly back to "me!"

I've looking at upcoming events and school looming super soon (only FOUR weeks for us!!) and realizing we'll be so BUSY in just a little while.

My daughter requested a sweater "thing" for me to knit from "Pumpkin-y orangey yarn - that's like a cloud - but kind of like a vest, but with buttons and frill."  I LOVE 6-year-old descriptions.  You can't make this stuff up!  I'm so privileged to have minis that love what I do - and do it too!

As requested, I'm knitting an orange "cloud" for her to wear.  I've been truly enjoying this project and, again, feel that we named this yarn aptly; Savor.   It's our lace weight, but on size 6 and size 8 needles, cause the yarn can take it (and so can I).  Love.  Just love.  Sadie-cakes will have her sweater "thing" very soon - hopefully before school starts!

What lace project have you tackled?  What kind would you LIKE to take on?  Tells us about it - we love hearing from you!

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