Knit Stars Season 8: Breaking the Ice


Knit Stars Season 8: Breaking the Ice kicks off this fall, and I'm a Star Maker with exclusive kits I'm dyeing up for Ginnifer Goodwin's master classes (that's Snow White from Once upon a Time!!). Students of season 8 can preorder the kits through Knit Stars until Friday, May 19th. This way, you can have your supplies in hand before you embark on your knitting journey with Ginnifer Goodwin, as well as the 9 other Knit Stars you'll have access to!

This kit is extremely special to me because it features one of my favorite farm-to-needle yarns, SHETLANDIA! Seriously I Love. This. Yarn. It's produced entirely in Michigan, and I've been involved in each part of its creation from skirting (yes, RAW wool and all the smells) to color creation (so much color!!!) to dyeing the final skeins for the KS kits. This is the ultimate group project. Tall Cotton Farms and Windswept Farms raise the sheep and Zeilinger Wool Co. processes the skirted fleece int to yarn. then it comes back to me to play with. I'm humbled and blown away to have the opportunity to put this farm-to-needle yarn on a bigger "stage" so that people can hear all about what this ACTUALLY means. I'm thrilled down to my toes that Ginnifer Goodwin wants to play with my "woolly wool" as she put it.


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If you would like to read more about Shetlandia, (sure you do!) check out my post in the "From Farm - To Needle" series I've been doing with Jill Bigelow Suttell of The Bean Knits

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