Knit-a-day - and snow. ALL the snow.

Well, winter finally came to the Northwest Lower Peninsula here in Michigan, and it had a good chuckled too.  We went from balmy 60s temperatures to frigid 20s and below in just a couple of days.  I will say that this has made me want to snuggle up with my knitting for a while.  So, I did. It also makes me want to break out my cross-country skis and have myself a moonlit ski....and then knit some more with hot tea.

Along with that, we’ve been dyeing all the things (some on purpose…some not so much, but still lovely) and spinning, knitting, and visiting with friends and family. 

We heard from our friend Jan over at “Knitting:  A Love Story” blog, and, let us tell you, she has created something just stunning!  It’s a “knit the day” scarf from our own Starlit yarn in many, many colors.  Check it out over at  We love her – we’re sure you will too!

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