Just Another Manic Tuesday? Rethinking my schedule

Well, it seems that maybe Tuesday is my Blog day - as that's when I've been able to write the last 2 weeks - but we'll see what next week brings and plan from there.

Today really DID feel like Monday, though, with rushing and not enough coffee and too many commitments.  However, I was working on our CSA farm today and that was such a happy place to be.  I was surrounded by seedlings in the greenhouse and then the beauty that is Northern Michigan springtime while working in the back field.  When we passed the hives back there, we could smell the wax and honey - WOW!  what an amazing feast for the eyes and nose!

It makes me think of springtime dyeing and natural dye stuffs.  That means, of course, I'll be on the prowl for local plant sources -  I can always find Sumac!   I've got some projects on the brain for dyeing of fabric and yarn-  perhaps even some kid-friendly dye sessions?  What danger lurks? ....

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