Be seduced by Northern Michigan...and yarn of course

It's time, again, for our monthly yarn highlight - This month (Feb 29th - March 31st), we are showcasing one of my absolute favorite yarns. EVER.  

We call this base Seduction. 

This yarn is pure indulgence. A cowl out of this feels like wearing a cloud; warm and light, you will not want to take it off. We often fight over who gets to wear the sample at shows :) When we have this yarn at a trunk show no one can keep their hands off it. No One. 

This is a fingering weight blend of Alpaca/Linen/Silk (50%/25%/25%). If you have ever knit with linen before, knitting with this is nothing like that. Because of the blend, this feels just as good on your hands to knit as it is wrapped around you. The colors on this base yarn come out more muted and variegated. making it a perfect spring

We love this knit up in "Song of the Sea" - a  pattern by Louise Zass-Bangham  you can find it here.  

This yarn usually retails for $39, but, just this month, we're offering it at $35 in our Etsy shop (check itout here!)

Here are some other pattern ideas and colors if you need any more inspiration... (Free) (scarf version of the cowl sample) (baby sweater) (baby Dress)

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