"Be Like Eunice"

Once upon a time, a stuffed sheep was gifted to a yarn store... that same sheep now travels with myself and my dear friend and partner in yarn crime, Jill Bigelow Suttell of The Bean Knits. 

The sheep's name is Eunice, and she is of indeterminant age with lovely wire glasses and impeccable taste in friends (see above). 

Since November 2022, Eunice has been getting up to ALL good with yarn and travel and just plain silliness. 

I'm working on taking a page out of Eunice's book and just "doing" like Eunice. I'm knitting and crocheting, dyeing and spinning. Most of all, though, I'm enjoying my community and the opportunities I have to connect on a playful and fun level. We have a lot of heavy we're each carrying. I aim to bring some lighter moments also. 

So, here's to Eunice and her insatiable curiosity - I will endeavor to Be Like Eunice. 

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