A day late...A dollar Short? No. I'm Just Short.

I meant to get writing yesterday.  I meant to do a lot of things.  I even started, but then something took my focus...if only I could remember what it was..

Anyway - It's Tuesday, and I've been plotting colorways, patterns, and yarns.  I've got a new hat pattern in the works with our Swift yarn that should be available in the next 3 weeks.  I'm enjoying the simplicity of it - but with a little fun.

On the colorway wagon - I'm going to be posting some colors on May 1st on our Facebook page (that's next Friday)  with a contest to name them.  If your name fits - you get to have a skein of the yarn for your very own!  So, check back May first. 

In the new yarns catagory - our new BFL Sole (sock) has been getting a very favorable reception, and our new fingering weight, seduction,  is a rock star!  We are nearly out of the first wave and will be restocking soon!   This yarn is a fantastic blend of alpaca, linen, and silk.  It is kind of like all of my kryptonites rolled into one -or spun into one...

In other news, spring might finally have come to Northern Michigan (shhh don't say it too loud!) and we're getting ready to do all that garden stuff - farming has started again for me at our CSA (aka my happy place), and everything has a sheen of green.   I've got peas and carrots to plant and earth to till!  Oh can't you just smell the dirt?!?  It's like big kid mud pies....cause obviously I wouldn't do anything as silly as that anymore...more than 3 or 4 times a week.....

Until next week (Monday, I promise!), keep clacking your needles. 

Be sure to tag us in your Ravelry patterns so we can see what you've made with Why Knot Yarns!

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