A blank canvas...

I see the sun shining on the snow, and I’m struck with how fast we have come to this point: A new year.  Somehow, it seems to wipe clean all the pieces of the last year, as though we are given an imaginary clean slate to begin our plans anew.  I know that I’ve been spending more than a few minutes on Ravelry plotting out all the things I MUST knit this year.  My intention this year is to only queue up the projects that I’ll actually do.  That said, I admit that I am feeling the urge to cast on all of the things.  ALL. OF. THEM.  With that in mind, we’re dyeing what feels like ALL of the things so we can all do just that. We'll be bringing some of these goodies over to West Branch this Friday evening and Saturday morning at North Woods Knit & Purl.  We are ecstatic to partner with this new shop in Michigan and look forward to sharing this time with other yarniacs. 

What new patterns are you aching to try?  What new color speaks to your soul?  What WIP are you bringing back into the light of day to finish or frog into new life? Is there new type of yarn that you’re just dyeing (haha) to try out? Is there a new fiber combination that makes your hands itch (get it?) to spin anew?  Tell us!  We love hearing from you.  We love hearing about your journey.  We love building that relationship, and it feeds our soul to share in those experiences. After all, we wouldn’t have any of this without the people.  There would be no yarn, fiber, patterns, or projects.  We Heart you. 


Happy New Year.

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